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A Woman to Women Appeal

I wish especially to appeal to women! 

We have a unique place in the home and thus in our quiet, unobtrusive way can influence the leaders of tomorrow.  If we have a knowledge and love for the word and daily give priority to the study of the Book of books, our influence will never die.

     We hear that the song, Amazing Grace, is top of the pops, and some of our workers have witnessed the change in an atmosphere in the pubs and clubs when the juke box suddenly peals out these words of John Newton, saved nearly two hundred years ago.  As a child, his mother daily took time with her only son.  She instilled the Holy Scriptures into his mind, and when still very young he memorized verses from the sacred page.  Though she died when he was only seven, she had stored his wonderful mind with truths which he was never to forget, and thus left him an immortal inheritance.  All the wicked, infidelic influences which played upon his manhood could not wholly sweep away the mind's storehouse of God's Holy word.

     When God wanted a prophet in Israel, He looked for Hannah.  She knew how to pray.  When He wanted an Isaac, He chose Sarah as well as Abraham.  When He wanted a forerunner for the Messiah, He chose Elizabeth.  When He wanted a mother of His only begotten Son, He chose Mary.


    When God wished for a reformer, He placed in the Shaftesbury home, a godly nurse who instilled the mind of the Earl of Shaftesbury with the Scriptures.  When an evangel was needed to call Britain to repentance, Susannah Wesley was given the honour of training John Wesley and his brother Charles, the prolific hymn writer.  The busy mother of nineteen knew how to find time in her full life to commune with God and His word for one hour per day.

     William, Prince of Orange, found a saintly wife in Charlotte de Bourbon, of the French royal family.  But one can trace the beginnings of that piety to a home where the mother, friendly to the Protestant faith, had braved the opposition of her devout Catholic husband to instruct and take special pains to inculcate Bible truths into so apt and scholarly a mind as Charlotte possessed.  Later, although her father consigned her to a convent against her own wishes and those of her mother, the memory of sincere prayers and the words of Holy Writ could not be shut out from convent walls.  They had gone into the stronghold of Catholicism in the mind stored by a faithful mother.

Later Charlotte became an abbess of Jonarre, and some Protestant tracts were placed within the confines of the Convent.  Reading them, she was reminded of the prayers and early instructions of her mother.  As she thought of her mother's Bible, tears flowed freely and the Holy Spirit illuminated the way of salvation by faith.  Her conversion produced a furor in the King of France's palace.  William of Orange, hearing of her saintly character, asked her to become his wife.  How potent are home influences where the Bible is honoured!  Queen Victoria was a direct descendant of the former Nun of Jonarre.

     Do we deplore the present drift?  What can we, mere women in our homes, do about it all?  Let us daily and hourly meditate on the word and impart those principles through our home life.  Some day a reformer, preacher, hymn-writer may influence an unborn generation.

     "Them that honour me, I will honour," 1Sam 2:30 said the Lord God of Hosts. What we do in secret shall be proclaimed publicly in years to come.  Let us say a daily "no" to lesser good, "deny ourselves and take up our cross," Mark 8:34 choosing to give God's word top priority in our lives and homes.

     Not by the blare of big advertising in campaigns, nor by huge crowds, does God work.  Silently He prepares a woman to prepare a boy or girl, to store the mind with His own word, and thus leave an impress that all the infidelity of the universities or the land-slide of faith on continents cannot erase.  Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee said David.  How much more should this be the aim of the mother who has had placed in her care the lives of children who are destined to go out and later play a role in life which shall reflect the silent witness of the home.

Message of Victory July-Aug., 1972





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