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Sound Doctrine
David Rowley


Bible Baptist  Church Tommy H. Heffner Sr.


The Answer Book
Sam Gipp


Living Hope Baptist Church

 Roderick L. Navidad


Johnny the Baptist

Johnny the Baptist Sermons of the Watchmen

 (1611 K J V Copy of the Bible only)


Vance Publications

Laurence M. Vance 


Bible Baptist Publications
James L Melton


Another King James Bible Believer

Will Kinny


Fellowship Tract League



The A. V . 1611 Answers Association


Dial the Truth Ministries

Terry Watkins



Charles Shong


Bible Believers

Chris Olsen


Rightly Dividing The word of Truth

 D. Root


Christian  Geology

Gaines Johnson


Warn Everyone Day and Night

David and Tony Flang


The Harvest

Keith Wallace


Gail Riplinger

New Age  Bible Versions


Chick Publications

Jack Chick


Catholic Concerns

Mary Ann Collins

(A Former Catholic Nun)



Bible Based Puzzles

    Emory Ediger