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Doreen Irvine


Copyright © Doreen Irvine, 1973, 1994


Used by permission of Kingsway

Publications, Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne.





From poverty, drugs and prostitution to a life

of joy and freedom, this TRUE STORY charts

one woman’s entanglement with the occult and

her eventual dramatic release.

A classis Christian testimony, Doreen’s story is as

relevant today as when it was first published.

Her experience may be extreme,

yet it still offers hope... especially to those who consider purity to

 be a lost ideal, or who believe they are too far

gone to be forgiven.




In 1968 while conducting a church anniversary service in a city suburb, I was deeply moved and greatly encouraged to see in the congregation a woman I had not met since her deliverance from forty- seven demons three years previously.

Once a prostitute, heroin addict, witch, satanist and a victim of abominable practices, here she was now radiant with the glory of the Lord and rejoicing in him.  It wasn’t by chance that we were singing

Long my imprisoned spirit lay

Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;

Thine eye diffused a quickening ray,

I woke, the dungeon flamed with light,

My chains fell of, my heart was free,

I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.



How especially true this was of her!  Yes, it was Doreen Irvine.

When I spoke with her after the service Doreen told me that her time was now spent in dealing with the kind of people with whom she had mixed in past years, and in speaking to groups seeking illumination and instruction in the ministry of deliverance.  What impressed me most was that, three years before, the Holy Spirit had restrained me from continuing immediate contact with her. But now he confirmed for me that what he begins he continues and completes in his own perfect way and time.

When I recall the experiences through which the Lord took me in relation to Doreen’s emancipation, I marvel at his authority, his mercy and his compassion. She gives her own vivid and vibrant account in this book.



It was in Bristol in June 1964 that our paths first crossed.  Doreen’s condition was that of unbelievable evil, for her life had been immersed in debauchery of a kind I had never before come across.  For seven months I knew what it was to contest the terrible powers of evil in her ruined life.  On the occasion of every session of exorcism, she had to be restrained by Christian men and women in prayerful support.

The New Testament came alive as we battled against demons of different character who contested the ground they had in her life.  With extraordinary intelligence, utterly beyond the mere human, they acted and spoke through her.  We were driven to the Bible to discover what we need to know relative to this particular phenomenon of evil.  I remember so well the Sunday night in February 1965 when the last forty-seven demons was expelled from her tormented and tortured being, so ending seven harrowing months of hell in a life-and-death struggle.



Doreen is a veritable trophy of God’s grace. The power of God was demonstrated in her supernatural deliverance by the dynamic authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.  All the credit and glory go to him.  It was my awful privilege simply to be his agent.  There are facts of an alarming nature which it would be unwise to divulge, but I have revealed some aspects of my involvement with Doreen in my book, Aid Us in Our Strife ( Vol 2), which fills in much about which Doreen herself was unaware at the times of ministry.



In a personal note to me Doreen said:

All I know is that I am free for ever from demons.  I went to the doctors, and they are all amazed at my marvellous recovery. They cannot understand what has happened to me.  I’ve been to London and been examined by top brain specialists there.  My X-rays are normal since the demons have gone.  Previous brain scans and X-rays of my cranium had revealed extensive brain damage, and I was classified as being in a serious and well-nigh hopeless state neurologically and physically.  In the psychiatric category I was a very bad and perplexing patient.  One thing they cannot get away from, and that is that I was a hopeless case.  I was a very dangerous “schizophrenic” ( so called) with only six months at the outside to live.  It was such a marvel, and the source of much discussion among the doctors.  No one there {London} or here {Bristol} can explain it.  But I know that Jesus lives, and he is the One who has done it.  Glory be to God!  Once I was in darkness, thick and black, controlled by powers of evil within.  Once I was bound, now I am free.  It’s been a long road to deliverance - a year in fact, since the first step was taken at the Colston Hall at that Eric Hutchings crusade meeting.  But it’s over, and I am out of darkness.  Praise be to God!

Subsequent events from 1965 until 1994 have validated the reality of the work of God in this former queen of witches.  She has been graciously used by the Lord in this and other lands to advocate his power to save and deliver from satanic bandage and hell.



During the thirty years since our first contact, I have had periodic fellowship with Doreen, and have marvelled at the way she has been enabled to witness clearly and courageously through good report and ill, to expose the works of the devil, and to honour him to whom she owes everything. 

This book makes a vital contribution in warning those who indulge in the deep and dangerous things of Satan; it serves to open the eyes of Christians to the stark reality of the demonic in these critical times, and points positively to the means of grace for salvation and deliverance through our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will use this new edition to magnify the name of our all powerful Redeemer.

“Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”.



Arthur Neil

Torbay, 1994







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